Install Docker

– Updated Windows 10, desktop
– Enabled virtualization

Step 1 – Register and Download

Go to the link above and select “Please Login To Downlad”, which will start the registration process. Please register with a valid email, you will use this account later, when downloading images from Docker Hub.

Login with your account and go back to the link above.

When logged in, scroll down until you see the button “Get Docker Desktop – Windows (stable)”. Click the button to download the Docker for Windows installer.

Step 2 – Install and Test

Run the installer you just downloaded in step 1 and let the installation finish. When the installation has completed, Docker will start automatically.

When Docker has started, right-click the taskbar icon and switch to Windows containers, if you are not already running Windows containers.

To test that Docker is available and running, open Powershell as administrator and execute the following command.

docker run microsoft/nanoserver

You are now running Docker.
To complete the setup, please grant access to Docker from a specific user, instead of using an administrator account. Read more here:

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