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Any developer is better when they can stay focused on development. Which is why the introduction of VS Code and Docker in Business Central has been a major step forward, for Microsoft.

It is no longer necessary to be an infrastructure expert, to be a Business Central developer. Even though it has been easier to get up and running, it still requires a lot of patience and knowledge to get up and running. The collection of tools VS Code, Docker, Git, automatic tests, build- and deployment-pipelines has to work in harmony, to be of any use.

Most companies have probably started working with AL and found that getting started can be quite the struggle. When AL is up and running, the next challenge is to get Docker, Git, testing-, build- and deployment servers up.

We have solved the issue by building an infrastructure, which has everything centralized. Allowing the developer to stay focused on the solutions. Every tool the developer has to use, is build into VS Code and is delivered to the developer, from the Git repository associated with the customer.

The developer doesn’t have to maintain multiple versions of NAV and Business Central. The developer can request a new instance directly from VS Code, which is build based on the customers Git repository. The environment then is ready for development in 2 minutes.

By working like this, the developer can focus on building great solutions.

How do you empower your developers?

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